yay! you made it! I am so glad you're here! 

artwork that touches the deepest parts of your heart, radiates life, and inspires you in a personal way. 
Ruah provides you with meaningful pieces that you can cherish forever ~ 


let it be yours forever




whats this chick all about anyway?

Hi, friend! You have no idea how stoked I am that you ended up right here, right now!  I hope that you have enjoyed, found inspiration, and feel more at peace after spending a little time on my site! 
 My hope is that whoever you are, whatever the condition your heart may be and whatever circumstances you may be facing -- that you will be able to feel my love, passion, and deep commitment to creating pieces that breathe life into you.

Truth is, I never want to create pieces without drenching them in prayer and working at them with excellence because I believe that art is powerful and can be a sweet part of our healing journey if we come across the right piece at the right time. My hope is that God would use me to create that piece for you!  Or - maybe when you were scrolling through the 'shop' tab, you found a piece that spoke loud and clear to your heart! You might have seen it and thought, "wow, it's like she made that specifically for me!" ...truth is, I don't know your story but God does, and He has a way of leading us to the right truths at just the right time.

why Ruah?

Ruah is a Hebrew word that means, 'spirit, breath'

 Ruah has been my most cherished word for 7 + years now. It's exactly what God did
for me as I sat in total despair with one hand gripping my coffee cup and my other hand
ready to open a Bible to find something hopeful in such a dark time of my life. I was 18 with a 3-month-old baby, feeling like an orphan as my dad was laying on his death bed, and was angry and confused as my brother battled a heroin addiction. My life was in shambles and I felt hopeless more than hopeful. God met me in that moment and breathed new life into me, awakening my spirit, making me fully alive! He took what was dead, lost, broken, in desperate need of healing inside of me and put a new spirit in me that has kept me alive and joyful through trials I have faced in these past 7 years. The new spirit within me wasn't something that faded, It was something that ignited new life and broke chains inside of me. It was a moment that took me from hating my life to looking at my life and realizing it had only just begun, eager to live the life God had handwritten for me.
God gave me such a specific vision for my artwork and if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it for His Kingdom and for YOUR freedom.  So, I jumped all in to Gods plan and way outside of my comfort zone -- trusting Jesus had something special planned for Ruah. And now, here we are :]
He has already done so much more with all of this than anything I dared to dream years ago. He has been faithful beyond measure in making sure this artwork breathes new life into dry bones. I hope you are one heart that has new life breathed into you after spending a little time on here. 


My dream is to see my artwork touch individual hearts in ways that only God can orchestrate.

My artwork is created only to be a way of pointing others to the love and grace of Jesus.
i create with one hope in mind ~ that god would use my art to breathe life into any part of your heart that has run dry. 

i am a mad lover of life  ~ 
I am a sucker for adventures, adrenaline rushes, following Jesus outside of my comfort zone, praying bold prayers, and drinking too much coffee out of my favorite cups. I spend most of my days creating on anything and everything which has led to a really grateful heart and eyes that see beauty and potential in just about everything.
I am most passionate about championing others in their faith and helping people find healing, freedom, and abundance as they learn to be honest about their unspoken broken.


My life took a turn when I allowed 'yada qara' moments to become my common way of living -- removing my mask and allowing myself to be intimately known by God and others.

When we invite others in and allow ourselves to be intimately known -- we experience healing and freedom like never before. 

I long to live a life that rings of authenticity and I hope Ruah displays exactly that ~ 


I'd love to hear from you!

did you see a piece that spoke to your heart?
or maybe you want to customize a piece that is special to you or someone you love!  

if you are thinking about painting words on bedroom walls or an entryway or need something unique for an event coming up-- 


contact me- let's make it happen!